February 13, 2012


Welcome! I am very excited to finally launch this site and I hope you will enjoy it, maybe drool a little, and be hungry for more. I’d like to start off by briefly explaining what Eating Experience Design is. There are similar terms out there, like “food design” or “eating design.” I am calling it Eating Experience Design (EXD) because I believe the experience is ultimately what is being created. It is about designing ways to interact with our food, and using it as a method to communicate an idea, tell a story, or bring people together. The diagram below shows how this is broken down:

Some of you may be familiar with the work I’ve done through Thought For Food. As a recap, I thought it would be nice to share and use them as examples of EXD. For those who are new, Thought For Food is a collective, focusing on conceptual dinner events and food installations. There are three of us: Yvonne Mouser - furniture designer; Randall Stowell - principle of Autofuss; and myself. The following 4 projects are our creations since late 2010.

24 Frames per Second { An 8 second loop }
Photography by Galen Oakes, Adam Reineck, and Lisa Mishima
The Concept:
A dessert installation about film and time based media for Autofuss’s 3rd anniversary party.

The Meal:
192 crab apples dipped in caramel, which drizzled onto a bed of popcorn and peanuts.

The Mood:
Dramatic lighting with hanging screens
Long and narrow custom built furniture
Apples hanging on skewers at different heights, creating a flow
Crowds of people surrounding the installation
A performance, where each apple is dipped in caramel one by one
The installation changes over time - the caramel drips, the apples & popcorn are consumed
Handwritten time code is revealed when popcorn is lifted from the table

The Experience:
At first glance, the apples seem suspended in time. But as time flows, things inevitably change. The audience become an essential part of this dessert installation by consuming and changing the artwork.

White On White
Photography by Randall Stowell, Kristina Lewis, Lisa Mishima
The Concept:
To attend Le Dîner à San Francisco (a pop up picnic where everyone dresses in white) and create an all white meal.

The Meal:
A picnic in nine courses.
FOAM - egg white, pico, bitters, lemon, sugar
MILK - mitica, gouda, honey chevre, bijou
LIGHT - endive, shaved pear, gorgonzola, vinaigrette
CREAM - corn, créme fraiche, onion, white truffle oil, cream, white pepper
SALT - halibut, scallop, lime, grapefruit, aji amarillo, jicama, onion, chip
FROST - pear, riesling, sugar
SMOKE - chicken, mushroom, bacon, corona bean, leek, onion, creamy broth
SNOW - meringue, coconut mochi ice cream, white truffle
STEAM- white tea

The Mood:
A warm, Indian summer evening at the Music Concourse in Golden Gate Park
6 custom designed storage benches that we carried in pairs
A long table with 11 friends; 2000+ attendees surrounding us
Low lighting; a DJ in the distance
A leisurely 3 hour meal

The Experience:
A ritual where we celebrated the color and symbols of white.

Sam’s Movie Night
Photography by Lisa Mishima, Adam Reineck, Yvonne Mouser, Aaron Fiske
The Concept:
A concession stand with a unique menu, based on the film being shown.

The Meal:
for Black Narcissus -
Sister Superior - honey, vanilla bean soda
Mr. Dean - cucumber, mint, basil soda
Kanchi - goji berry, rose, cream soda
Sister Ruth - cinnamon, chili, rose popcorn
Ayah - Himalayan salt, chives popcorn
The General - curry popcorn

for Piranha 3D-
Body Shot - vodka, black cherry, watermelon chunks
Flesh Wound - lime soda with mangled black cherries
Spring Break - cayenne, paprika, lime zest popcorn
Lake Victoria - dried seaweed and bonito popcorn

for Repo Man-
The Freshener - homemade mint sugar cookies
Smokin’ Boots - homemade lemon lime soda
Cosmic Unconsciousness - midori sour, vodka, peach schnapps
Default - butter & salt popcorn
Junk In The Trunk - cheesy cheddar popcorn

for Total Recall-
Melina Martian Bars - cocoa nougat, roasted peanuts, caramel, peanut butter, rice puff, fleur de sel
Terbinium Ore - homemade strawberry, balsamic soda
Mind F*ck - espresso, vanilla ice cream, amaretto
Pyramid Mine - smoky salt, pepper, paprika, cayenne, beet root
Planet Earth - butter & salt popcorn

The Mood:
A big screen and a projector in Autofuss’s large, concrete studio
Bring your own lawn chairs
A small concession cart with a popcorn maker
Oversize popcorn cones
Servers wearing white shirts and striped bowties

The Experience:
Enhancing the movie watching experience by building connections with taste.

Hands On
Photography by Jess Bianchi
The Concept:
A dinner event where participants create a meal using only their hands.
All ingredients are within arms reach, and all measurements are made with the hands.

The Meal:
A 3 course Italian dinner - caesar salad, homemade pasta with pesto sauce, tiramisu

The Mood:
20 participants around a long, custom built butcher block table on the mezzanine at Autofuss
Screen printed tea towels and menus with cooking guidelines
Fresh ingredients piled high along the center of the table
Upbeat music, pounding and kneeding, boiling water, laughter

The Experience:
A fun exploration where participants have a more direct relationship to food.


Maia Dobson said...

The concept of this buffet is so awesome! Every food looks so enticing and creatively presentable. I'd like to buy commercial popcorn machines for sale so I could also make this concept on our party next year.

andieclark said...

Those candy apples look so appealing specially it's color! My kids would surely eat too much of this once I made them at home. But I better limit them from eating too much sweets because they might end up getting toothaches. Good thing I have a trusted West Columbia dentist that could help us anytime.

Maylie J said...

I got to meet other people who wrote Ron Receveur reviews when they were his patients. We organized a party for him and it was funny that we chose to put lots of candies, sweets and desserts on the menu. The sweet theme was an ironic idea for our food design.