April 8, 2012


Growing up, my grandmother's friend hosted Easter egg hunts every year in her yard. She had her own method and rules, where she took real eggs, hollowed them out, dyed them, and filled them with confetti. The hole was sealed with a piece of tissue paper. This was quite laborious; I imagine she did this year round. Ten or so children ran about hunting for these eggs. After we've all counted how many we gathered (nevermind what the winner got), all hell broke loose and we smashed our eggs on each others heads. We chased, got chased, whacked, and got whacked. In the end, every kid had confetti and eggshell in their hair, and the entire yard was a mess. How this woman managed this year after year, I have no idea. It also didn't occur to me until recently, that most people probably don't spend Easter smashing eggs on each others heads.

When I think of Easter, I think Spring. Oh, and candy.  Here, I've coated the inside with dark chocolate, and prepared two types of filling: marshmallow and peanut butter crunch.

I was inspired by the confetti eggs by my grandmother's friend. An egg and a seed are similar, in the sense that they are both at the beginning of life. I like the idea of an egg cracked to disperse confetti, and the seeds eventually finding a place on the ground to grow.

This was a coincidence really, but I was making applesauce awhile back and was using an apple peeler. Normally I would throw away the peel, but I was curious and tossed it in the dehydrator. It didn't taste much like anything, but had a nice aroma of apple. Perfect for garnish!

These are sort of like Kinder Surprise,which are sadly banned in the U.S. I love mystery and anticipation! It could be chocolate, candy, confetti, a fortune...anything really. :)

Happy Easter and happy spring everyone!


Vicki said...

What creative ideas! Maybe we could start making these kinds of eggs when we have kids ^_^.

Kaprise said...

LOVE this idea!!!

estellar said...

Hi Lisa,

I came across your site from Zilia's facebook - absolutely love your idea of easter eggs! You have such a creative imagination.

Joanna (Malaysian girl from FIS)