April 16, 2012


Thanks to those who came out on Saturday! It was interesting to see all sorts of reactions and interactions with our project. Is it food? Is it art? Some people were hesitant about eating it. Others picked up a tart and followed the spinning honey, in attempt to get a little more drizzled on. Also, at one point, a couple kids were running around, trying to catch the honey with their mouths!

This is our second Loop concept (to see the first one, check out 24 Frames per Second). 

Spun Honey 
  Loop #2   

Ingredients: Local Wildflower Honey, Cream Cheese, Shortbread, Wildflowers

Materials: Beeswax, Wood, Rope, Wildflower Seeds, Vellum, Hardware

Seeds, flowers, nectar, bees, pollen, honey, wax, extraction, consumption, pollination, fruit, seeds, flowers—it's a miraculous loop fundamental to our entire ecosystem.  But beyond our appreciation of this natural cycle, we love that honey reflects the environment through the essence of the flowers the nectar was collected.  We are drawn to the formal properties of honey as a material—it's fluctuating viscosity as well as it's ability to both absorb and refract light.  Spun Honey concentrates on the process of how honey is made and consumed, inviting the participant to take part in a kinetic loop where a simple mechanical effort—a method inspired by traditional honey extraction—withdraws the honey and drizzles it on a tart. To perpetuate the cycle, participants are encouraged to take away a seed packet to plant the seeds for future honey.

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