May 30, 2012


I have a confession to make. I'm not a fan of ice cream. I get bored with it after two bites. Strange, I know. I am convinced that it has to do with the texture. Ice cream that have a lot going on (i.e. cookies and cream, cookie dough, nuts), keep me interested for longer. What I enjoy most however, is ice cream with another dessert, aka à la mode. A classic example is pie. 

Let's return to ice cream for a minute, or more specifically, the ice cream cone. As far as edible vessels go, it's the most efficient, iconic, portable, and delicious thing ever. It's crunchiness complements the smoothness of ice cream. But what about all the other textures in between? 

I decided to create an ice cream dessert with a range of textures. Here is where the pie comes in. I've concocted three flavors: banana cream pie + chocolate ice cream, apple pie + vanilla ice cream, and pecan pie + coffee ice cream.

I almost bought a waffle cone maker, but those things are bulky and only do one thing... so I held out. The cones worked out fine in the oven.

These are easily customizable. You can pick and choose what to fill your cone with, drizzle various sauces, and top with your favorite scoop of ice cream. :)


redlamp said...

Drool. I love ice cream cones, this definitely kicks the experience up a notch. I'm also relieved by the modest size; most scoop places pile on too much ice cream and turn the experience into a project in melt mitigation instead of enjoying the flavor and texture.

I do wonder what you could do with waffles though, I remember you finding a link from Japan of a shop that literally rolled ice cream and waffles together.

Jaime said...

This is amazing!! I love the idea, and am already planning an ice cream cone party for the summer (and butter party for that matter).

Lisa said...

Waffles would definitely be fun. Here's a great example of creativity using a waffle machine by Luxirare. I can't remember what the Japanese one was...but for awhile, there was a trend of making mochi waffles (moffle).

Natalie said...

i love this dessert mashup/hybridization of pie + ice cream - a cone that tasted like flaky pie crust or even some kind of puff pastry in the shape of a cone would be a really awesome vessel for other kinds of pastry cream/fillings as well. this post was really beautiful! also reminds me of alice medrich's cookie recipe book Chewy Gooey Crispy Crunchy!

Marlon Doomen said...

I love the blogpost! Nice details such as the little labels and love the visuals you made! Food and design combined = the best combination! ;)