June 12, 2012


June is the season for ume. They are often called plums, but it turns out that they are closer to apricots. Last year around this time, I made my first batch of umeshu (plum wine). Today's concept is a play on the word.

U+ME - when it comes to food, I think of how intimate sharing can be. Here is a meal that focuses on intimacy: One long strand of pasta with ume, garlic, shiso, and nori. Served on a single plate with two forks ( ok, I admit I was inspired by Lady and the Tramp ).

Stack neatly, cut off edges, and let dry. This is one looong strand of pasta!

The Sauce : ume, crispy garlic, olive oil, soy sauce, mirin

 Ready to eat, with my homemade umeshu to go with it. 

...and in the end, we'd meet somewhere in the middle.


Luz said...

Wow, Lisa, this is amazing. The food looks great, the pictures are wonderful, and the concept is cool!


Diane said...

Oooh what is in that delicious looking sauce you have there?

ittybittybiki said...

How did the umeshu turn out?? :D. I remember when you bottled it. I can't believe its been a year already!

Pasta looks amazing ^_^!


mark johnson said...

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