January 14, 2013


Here's another edible box, this time made out of graham crackers.

To complete the s'mores box, it must come with square marshmallows and chocolate that fit inside.

The box works as a kit to make s'mores. It can be disassembled to make 3 s'mores.
Toast / melt, and assemble.

January 1, 2013


I have been exploring ideas for edible vessels and here is one that is quite simple, making origami boxes out of soy wrappers. Initially I thought of seaweed, but unless you are using stale ones (which are gross), it's difficult to fold without it ripping. Soy wrappers are easy to work with because they are soft and tear resistant.  I love the colors!

Making sushi rice
Toppings: uni, maguro, ikura, salmon, hamachi, egg, cucumbers, shiso
Packed them in a bento box and I'm ready to go!